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I started to have some problems with my brand-new car, so I had to take it into the dealer. It was a warm August day and I was prepared for the worse, as I took my car in for service at 7 in the morning. Moscow escort It wasn't until a little before 8 that they decided to open up shop, and a few minutes before an older woman brought her car in.
She wasn't the hottest piece of ass that I have ever seen, but she was certainly doable and fuckable. She was about 5'4, 120 pounds, and 34C. She was wearing a pair of gray tights and a baggy white shirt that had a deep cut showing off her cleavage. As soon as I saw her, my 23 year-old cock, stood at full attention.
Nothing really exciting happens in the shop, other than the dealer trying to make a shitload of money off of both of us, before we went to wait in the waiting room in the showroom.
Escort Moscow The lights were off and the blinds were closed, but it was bright enough for me to see the couch and table that they had for the customers to relax. I am a little on the shy side, so I didn't really have much to say, and I had some paperwork to do, so I pretty much kept to myself. She sat at the other side of the room, but every couple of minutes, I flashed a peek at her.
I became more and more turned on, when I would see her close her eyes. I thought about going to sit down next to her and trying to get a couple of feels out of it, but I wasn't that brave. Finally, I spoke up, "What brings you here?" We both spend some time bitching about our cars and the early hour that we had to awake to bring our car in.
She starts telling me that she has been having a rough couple of months with the down turn of the economy, a loss of a relationship, and some other stuff. (I am a social worker, so people find it easy to talk to me, I guess).
I put my arm around her to console her and I couldn't help, but look down at her huge tits (they were being held towards her chest by a tight lace bra).
She thanked me for listening to her and that is when things started to change. I decided that I wanted to finish up the paperwork that I had started, so I moved over to the head of the table. She asked me, if there was anything that she could do for me. I told her that it has been such a tough time for me, because after college, the girls have all disappeared.
We were still the only ones in the room, and she gave me a wink. I didn't know what was going to happen. She went under the table and undid my fly allowing my stiffened cock to pop out at her. I was trying to play it cool and be a look-out at the same time.
She started to suck my cock like I have never had it sucked before. Maybe women are like wine, they must get better with age. She started at the shaft and gave it a quick peck, running her tongue down my shaft, to my sack and little friends. She kissed, licked, and sucked on my shaft, as she continued to stroke my cock, with her hand tightly around it with its red fingertips. I didn't know how much longer I would be able to last before cumming all over the place.
She stopped playing with my balls, much to my dismay, but started to suck on my cock. She took a little by little, but by the third time, she had the whole cock in her mouth. She was moving up and down at a fervor pace, and I had my hand on her dirty-blonde hair and head, and kept pushing her further and further down.
As she was sucking my cock, I moved her shirt up a little bit, so that I could see the huge tits that she was hiding in that baggy shirt.
They were unbelievable, and were incredible as soon as I snap off her bra. I was about to cum, "I am cumming!!!!!"
She keeps on sucking and sucking without any worries in the world. She took each shot of my love-juice in her mouth and swallowed each drip, like it was life-saving water or something. After I was done cumming, she took her tongue to my cock, and cleaned it.
She got up from underneath the table, and smiled at me. I started to pull her tights down and I couldn't help but look at her wet pussy with its little landing strip. I laid her back on the table, and undressed myself.
I rubbed my cock up and down her pussy before I would stick it in her hole. She kept begging me like a little kid for me to fill her pussy with my manhood, but I liked teasing her. She finally pulled me and I couldn't help but slam my cock into her.
As my cock slammed into her, you could hear my balls slap against her skin, and her head flung back in a quick motion. I kept pumping her pussy as hard as I could, and I would take her big titties in my mouth. I sucked on those titties like a baby looking for some milk. I told her that I was about to cum and she told me to cum inside of her, which I was all too happy to do.
After I came, she started to play with my balls again. When my cock was hard again, she turned over and allowed me to put it in her ass. She took it like a real woman and kept begging me to pump harder. I kept pumping her hot ass with my cock, so hard that I could hear my balls slapping on her ass.
I pulled at her locks and put my hands on her shoulder and pushed deeper and deeper into her asshole. She kept moaning louder and louder, and finally, I started to play with her pussy, as I was pumping her ass. I pulled out before I was going to cum and put it on her back.
We got dressed and she gave me a long passionate kiss before giving me her phone number. She told me to give her a call sometime and that maybe she can bring a friend of hers. I won't mind, because servicing two hot older broads is much better than servicing just one.

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A date with a French Gentleman
Now, I know why French Gentlemen are quite popular among women. The way they woo a woman can make any girl go crazy.
I had a chance of going on date with a French Gentleman. Escort Moscow He had booked me for dinner cum bed service. We went to a restaurant to have food initially before hitting in bed.  While having dinner, he told me that he was working for a big corporate firm and had visited first time in Russia. He told me his first girlfriend was Russian and he was deeply in love with her. Due to circumstances, they couldn’t marry.
He told me from her experience, he got to know how gentle Russian women are in nature as well as in nature. He didn’t like European woman much because he find them as cold, money digger and rude too.  In comparison, he liked Russian woman as they are family oriented. Moscow escort He told me he was seriously looking for a Russian bride. 
I laughed to see his fondness for my country’s women and felt pride being a Russian woman.
After dinner, I drove him to my apartment where we had a really great time.  The guy came well prepared for the evening. He took me to bed, folded my eyes with a black cloth and started removing my dress.  I got excited as his hands unbuttoned my shirt along with pants. Soon, I was in my undergarments. He laid me on bed and started applying oil all over my body. The way he massaged my body was just amazing. I started panting heavily when his strong hands touch my breasts, my stomach and my long legs. While massaging my body, he removed my undergarments too. After making me enough oily, he lay on top of me and start fondling my tits. The way he sucked my tits was so gentle that I really had a lump in my throat. Most men treat our tits like hamburger and attacked them like a hungry wolf. 
They don’t care about sensitiveness about woman’s body and do not bother at all whether it hurts us or not. But, surprisingly this man really cared. He was quite gentle to me in bed. After playing enough with my tits, the guy started kissing me all over my body. His lips moved over my soft stomach, my legs, my arms, even my back too. He kept on kissing me for at least  one and a half hour without getting a break.   Then, he took a break and massaged his cock well with oil. He parted my legs and inserted his cock gently inside my body. I just closed my eyes to enjoy the moment, the way he rotated his cock inside mine.
Soon, he ejaculated inside my body and in excitement I scratch his back too.  The best thing about French guy was that he was quite gentle to my body, unlike other men who treat us like shit.
After having sex, he went back to his normal routine life leaving behind sweet memories of our sexual encounter.   From his experience, I got to know that why Hollywood actress end up getting married to French guy. Because they are so good nature-wise as well as in bed too.

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New Year Night with Italian man.
I still remember last New Year night very well. He was an Italian football player. Moscow escort He had come to participate in Russian Football League. The guy was really good looking; he has broad shoulders, deep green eyes, clean shaven and boyish look on his face. The guy was really innocent compared to men of his age.
All his team players were celebrating New Year’s Eve with their friends or families. The guy was really lonely and was keen to celebrate New Year’s party with a gorgeous girl. He liked my profile while searching escort girls and decided to go on date with me.
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He arrived on my apartment at time.  I decided to hit discotheques where we can indulge in close dancing and get to know each other. We reached well known discotheques on time where boys and girls were indulge in close dancing. Looking at them, we hit the dance floor and danced all night looking into each other eyes.  We also had drinks to mellow down our spirits. As the clock struck 12, he gave me a passionate kiss on my lips to say Happy New Year. I also replied saying, same to you.
Then, both of us looked deep into each other eyes for a while and started kissing each other passionately. I decided to take him to my apartment to get involved in intense love making.
As we entered our apartment, both of use removed each other clothes and jumped in bed. He fondled my soft tits and started sucking them passionately while his hands touch my red lips. Then, he move to my mouth and looking straight into my eyes, started kissing me.  The Italian bloke was a very good kisser and moved his tongue inside mine passionately.  Soon, he ripped apart my panty, spread my legs and inserted his big cock inside my cunt. He moved with such fast intensity that I had tears in my eyes. He kept on moving his cock till both of us had orgasm at the same time.
I really liked his big cock. It was first time; I was seeing such a muscular cock in my life. I couldn’t wait after intense sexual encounter to play with his cock. I sit on bed, hold him tight and removed his underwear to see his organ. 
He smiled seeing at my excitement and inserted his cock gently inside my mouth. I suck it like a choco bar, first slowly, then increasing my intensity with time. He kept on moving his cock till he released a sperm dose inside my mouth.
I went to bathroom to wash my mouth, when I come back, he was wearing his clothes.   I embraced him tight from behind and ask him like a lovely wife, “When will you come back?” He answered soon, we had breakfast together and then he walked away from my life kissing gently on my forehead.


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Новогодняя ночь с итальянцем.

Я до сих пор хорошо помню прошлую новогоднюю ночь. Я провела ее с футболистом из Италии. Он перешел в российский футбольный клуб.
Escort Moscow Он был очень красив. Широкие плечи, гладко выбритое лицо и глубокие зеленые глаза, которые свели с ума не одну девушку. Благодаря своей мальчишеской внешности, он значительно выигрывал среди мужчин его возраста.
Все игроки его команды праздновали Новый год с друзьями и семьями. Парень был очень одинок и решил провести ту ночь с красивой эскорт моделью. Ему понравились мои фотографии, и он позвонил в эскорт агентство и заказал меня на новогоднюю ночь.
Moscow escort Он приехал в мою квартиру в назначенное время. Я решила отправиться с ним в клуб, где мы могли бы отлично отдохнуть и потанцевать, тесно прижимаясь друг к другу. Мы танцевали почти всю ночь, пили вкусные коктейли и веселись. Под бой курантов мы страстно целовались, а потом пожелали друг другу счастливого Нового года.
Наш поцелуй был таким сладким и страстным, что я решила не тянуть и предложила ему вернуться домой, и вдали от всех заняться сексом.
 Войдя в квартиру, мы сорвали друг с друга одежду и прыгнули в постель. Он ласкал мою грудь, а потом наклонился и стал сосать и покусывать мои соски, пальцами гладя мои губы. Потом мы стали целоваться. Этот итальянец делал это виртуозно, от его поцелуев у меня кружилась голова. Вскоре, я почувствовала, как его рука дернула мои трусики и они порвались. Он погладил мою гладко выбритую киску и вставил в меня свой член. Он двигался так быстро и входил в меня так глубоко, что у меня на глазах выступили слезы. Я стонала от удовольствия смешанного с болью. Вскоре мы одновременно достигли оргазма.

Мне очень понравился его большой член. Я впервые в жизни видела такой размер. Немного отдохнув, мне снова захотелось поиграть с ним. Я наклонилась к нему, обхватила член рукой и начала медленно его облизывать, засовывая его в рот все глубже и глубже. Он закрыл глаза, а на его губах появилась улыбка наслаждения. Я сосала его все быстрее и быстрее, а рукой сжимала его яйца, пока его сперма не полилась мне в рот. Я пошла в ванную, чтобы сполоснуть рот, а когда вышла, он уже был одет. Я подошла к нему сзади, обняла и спросила как жена у мужа: «Когда ты вернешься, милый?» Он ответил, что в ближайшее время, поцеловал в меня в макушку и ушел.