воскресенье, 14 декабря 2014 г.


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New Year Night with Italian man.
I still remember last New Year night very well. He was an Italian football player. Moscow escort He had come to participate in Russian Football League. The guy was really good looking; he has broad shoulders, deep green eyes, clean shaven and boyish look on his face. The guy was really innocent compared to men of his age.
All his team players were celebrating New Year’s Eve with their friends or families. The guy was really lonely and was keen to celebrate New Year’s party with a gorgeous girl. He liked my profile while searching escort girls and decided to go on date with me.
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He arrived on my apartment at time.  I decided to hit discotheques where we can indulge in close dancing and get to know each other. We reached well known discotheques on time where boys and girls were indulge in close dancing. Looking at them, we hit the dance floor and danced all night looking into each other eyes.  We also had drinks to mellow down our spirits. As the clock struck 12, he gave me a passionate kiss on my lips to say Happy New Year. I also replied saying, same to you.
Then, both of us looked deep into each other eyes for a while and started kissing each other passionately. I decided to take him to my apartment to get involved in intense love making.
As we entered our apartment, both of use removed each other clothes and jumped in bed. He fondled my soft tits and started sucking them passionately while his hands touch my red lips. Then, he move to my mouth and looking straight into my eyes, started kissing me.  The Italian bloke was a very good kisser and moved his tongue inside mine passionately.  Soon, he ripped apart my panty, spread my legs and inserted his big cock inside my cunt. He moved with such fast intensity that I had tears in my eyes. He kept on moving his cock till both of us had orgasm at the same time.
I really liked his big cock. It was first time; I was seeing such a muscular cock in my life. I couldn’t wait after intense sexual encounter to play with his cock. I sit on bed, hold him tight and removed his underwear to see his organ. 
He smiled seeing at my excitement and inserted his cock gently inside my mouth. I suck it like a choco bar, first slowly, then increasing my intensity with time. He kept on moving his cock till he released a sperm dose inside my mouth.
I went to bathroom to wash my mouth, when I come back, he was wearing his clothes.   I embraced him tight from behind and ask him like a lovely wife, “When will you come back?” He answered soon, we had breakfast together and then he walked away from my life kissing gently on my forehead.

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